This week is Rail Safety Week across the state of Illinois. The week is used to raise awareness about motorist and pedestrian safety around railroad tracks and trains. The most recent 2021 statistics show that during the year, 101 vehicle crashes were reported at public highway-railroad crossings resulting in 24 fatalities and 25 personal injuries. In addition, there were 38 pedestrians trespassing on railroad property right of ways that were hit by passing trains, resulting in 20 fatalities and 18 personal injuries. The state of Illinois also ranks fourth in the United States in railroad crossing fatalities. More than 80% of crashes at railroad crossings in Illinois occurred at track crossings where active warning devices such as flashing lights, ringing bells and/or crossing gates exist.  People are asked to follow rail safety tips when approaching tracks. Safety experts say that by being alert and cautious, most train accidents can be prevented.