103 Lite Hits Morning Show with Arvin Hawkins and Steve Anderson

Arvin Hawkins:
Hi. I’m Arvin Hawkins and I’m the morning guy here at Lite 103 WAKO. I knew in high school that I wanted to be in broadcasting so I decided to study at Vincennes University because I wanted to get in the field that much sooner and all of the instructors really knew their stuff. I got my start at 96.7 WFML on the Vincennes University campus back when it was “Hot Country.” I had guys like Brad Deetz and Kenny Edwards to learn from and everything these guys taught me was invaluable. I then moved on to afternoons at 1450 AM WAOV when it was a country station. If I didn’t get a request for some Billy Ray Cyrus, I knew I was off work that day. Worked with a lot of real professionals and overall good people at WAOV. The station was bought by the Original Company. I stayed part-time to learn so many other aspects of broadcasting including news. My thanks to Mark and Saundra Lange and Dave Crooks (more on him later) for keeping me on there so I can learn so much besides chatting with folks behind a microphone. Born and raised in Lawrenceville, I am fully aware how much WAKO has meant to this community over the years and I was honored the Lankford family gave me the chance to be a part of that when they hired me for part-time in 1991. I learned a lot from some real radio guys like Steve Sheley, Randy Lewsader, Ken Booth and Kevin Watson. I eventually got moved to evenings full-time in 1995. I then eventually went to afternoons before moving on to mornings  when DLC Media purchased the station in 2016. I’m grateful to Dave and Shelley Crooks for giving me that opportunity. I knew following in the footsteps of Steve Sheley on mornings when he decided to retire was going to be far from easy, but I also knew taking everything that Steve had taught me over the years was going to be extremely rewarding. I love radio and if that comes across every morning, then I’ve done my job. I am so grateful to have the chance to make everyone’s day just a little better each morning. My thanks to my family and my friends who believed I could do this even though I sometimes doubted myself. I would not be here without them and without all the people who taught me so much over the years. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Hope you enjoy it.

Steve Anderson:
Steve Anderson is a graduate of WVC Radio-TV Broadcasting in Mt Carmel  1979, DJ and Sports at WROY-WRUL in Carmi for 11 years, was the late night DJ at B-106 in Washington, Indiana for 3 years, was the News Reporter at WAOV in Vincennes, Indiana for 2 years before becoming the News and Sports Director at WAKO AM-FM in Lawrenceville (1992 till present )