The Lawrence County Board met in regular session Wednesday and heard concerns from citizens about the inability to get E-911 addresses and locations through Google Maps. The matter will be brought before the local E-911 oversight committee to try and alleviate the problem. The board did approve an over $200,000 bid for a county highway department dump truck, over $39,000 for engineering services for the design of a bridge just east of Birds, and the use of $165,000 in Rebuild Illinois money by Petty Township for culvert work. A resolution covering the salaries of elected officials with increases except for the sheriff was also passed. The board did vote in favor of the appointment of Janet Bensen to a 3 year term on the Lawrence County Board of Health replacing Janet Kavanaugh and after an approximately 25 minute executive session dealing with personnel, they emerged to unanimously vote to terminate a current member of the Board of Health and fill the vacancy with Tanna McCullough.