The Lawrenceville City Council, upon recommendation of the zoning board, approved an ordinance allowing a change of zoning from R-1 (single family) to B-3 (business) for 1509 Jefferson Street paving the way for the construction of a new Mach-One Convienence Store. Allan Meyer who is Chief Executive Officer and part owner of Meyer Oil which owns the business says that the company plans to build a new building directly west of the current location starting in spring with completion in late summer or early fall. Once the new building is done, the old Mach-One will be torn down. Pavement and pumps will be removed and there will be a completely new site twice as big as the current location with video gaming, a Little Caesars pizzeria, and warm beer sales available. Meyer says that when the old location is closed, employees will be sent to other company locations until the new building is ready. The projected cost of the project is around $5 million dollars.