Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at LCMH

  • Returning to full activity after a heart attack or other heart problem isn’t easy. You may be fearful of overexerting yourself or discouraged that you tire easily.
  • The Cardiac Rehab program at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital is under the physician’s medical direction and offers medically supervised and EKG monitored exercise.
  • Phase I: Cardiac Rehab often begins in the hospital after a heart attack, angina, heart failure or a cardiac condition/disease which requires close monitoring. An evaluation of the patient’s cardiac status and exercise potential determines activities of daily living and educational goals.
  • Phase II: As you continue your recovery, it is important that you increase your activity level under careful supervision. The second phase of Cardiac Rehabilitation is a customized program based on your individual needs. It generally begins two to four weeks after discharge and consists of three exercise sessions per week.
  • When your physician says you need Cardiac Rehab, think LCMH! Contact them at 618-943-1000 ext. 7398