Lymphedema treatment available at LCMH

  • The only therapist in Lawrence County certified to treat lymphedema is at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital. Lila Manzo is the Director of Physical Therapy at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital.
  • There is no cure for Lymphedema, but Manzo can help improve the outcomes.
  • Lymphedema is swelling caused by the excess buildup of fluid under the skin, and is often caused when lymph nodes are removed or damaged. The lymph nodes act as a filter for waste, which is swept up and carried to the lymph nodes by the protein-rich lymphatic fluid.
  • Manzo has been certified to treat the condition since 2011 and she is the only therapist in Lawrence County to have achieved the certification.
  • “It’s a difficult certification to get,” said Manzo. “It’s a two-week course, with nine to 10 hours a day, and you have to do a lot of course work before that. I’m happy to have become certified.”
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