43rd Annual National Nursing Assistants Week

  • National Network of Career Nursing Assistants. June 18-25 is the 43rd annual National Nursing Assistants Week, “Nursing Assistants: Kindness in Action”
  • Nursing Assistants go by many titles (CNA, STNA, LNA, RNA, HHA++) but they all provide hands- on care to others who need assistance with daily tasks of care.
  • Nursing Assistants are key players in the lives of the people in their care and they deserve a sincere “Thank You” and recognition for their efforts and kindness to the people in their care and to their co-workers as well
  • Lawrence County Memorial Hospital wants to say THANK YOU to all of the Nursing Assistants at LCMH: Nikki Wells, Carla Wilson, Kelsey Wells, Heidi Schrest, Suzanne Stevenson, Tricia Stovall, Lynda Kramer, Jim Boyd, Corrie Murphy, April Shouse, Traci Herrington, Ashlee Daugherty, Lisa Wimberly, Tracy Dunlap, Judy Neer, and Ashley Fiscus.