Lawrenceville Police Chief Jim White has released his annual departmental activity report for April.  Lawrenceville police recieved 350 requests for an officers during the month. Officers were involved in 15 drug investigations, 9 assault and battery investigations and 6 shoplifting investigations. They also handled 5 cases each of theft and vandalism and 2 cases of burglary. There were 20 felony arrests and 21 misdeameanor arrests made and 11 ordinance violations issued. City police investigated 6 traffic accidents in April-5 were property damage collisions and there was 1 case of hit and run. 4 cases of child abuse and neglect along with 2 missing persons reports were looked into. Lawrenceville police did assist the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department and the Illinois State Police 3 times and emergency fire and medical response personnel 6 times.