The Lawrenceville City Council met in regular session Thursday night and recieved the annual “State of the City” address from Mayor Don Wagner. The mayor characterized the state of the city as good with his administration continuing to work to make Lawrenceville a better place to live. The newest member of the city police department was formally introduced. 21 year old Jacob Seed of Lawrenceville was sworn into duty Friday and begins his new duties Monday. Seed had previously work with the Lawrence County Sheriffs Department and fills the vacancy created when Kody Waggonner left the force. The Council did approve over $33,000 for the purchase of a new police car and $3600 for the design work for a potential new indoor pool facility at the City Park. The council also sent to the Street and Alley Committee a proposal for creating a subdivision  as part of the pending sale of the United Methodist Village property in south Lawrenceville.