Tolls for the Wabash Cannonball Bridge at St Francisville will increase starting October First. The City Council made that known at their regular monthly session Wednesday. The tolls were upped in anticipation of the rise in the Illinois mimimum wage and to allow funding for continued maintenence of the bridge by the city in the future. The toll for passenger cars-trucks and motorcycles will now be $1.50, for passenger cars-trucks and motorcycles with trailers $2.00, for construction and farm equipment $3.00, for single rear axle trucks, grain trucks, dump trucks, and delivery vehicles $4.00 and for semi-trucks, concrete trucks, grain trucks, dump trucks and other vehicles with more than 1 rear axle $5.00. The council was informed that the bridge inspection was completed and a final report on the findings is being awaited. The St Francisville Civic Improvement Corporation is seeking input from city residents on what kind of activities they would like to see in the future. They will host a meeting on Wednesday September 18th to guage community thoughts and support.