Jasper Man Arrested on Counterfeiting Warrant

A Jasper man was arrested Wednesday on a felony warrant charging him with counterfeiting and forgery.  Dubois County authorities took 21 year-old Zachery R. Uppencamp into custody at his home on a Dubois Circuit Court warrant. Uppencamp is one of three people charged in connection with a counterfeit bill that showed up last month at a Jasper convenience store. The Jasper Police Department reported that on June 19th, the Huck’s Convenience Store located at 230 Third Avenue received a counterfeit $100 bill.  Police determined Uppencamp had passed the counterfeit bill to 25 year-old Neil J. Pitstick, a cashier at Huck’s. After going inside to clock in to work, Pitstick allegedly made change for the $100 bill. After making change, police claim 21 year-old Chelsea N. Hager came inside to retrieve the $100 in $5 bills from Pitstick. Police say Pitsick and Hager both had knowledge that the bill was counterfeit. Uppencamp was the last of the three to be charged.