City Officials Declare Emergency on Partially Toppled Apartment Building in Bicknell

   City officials in Bicknell have declared an emergency on a partially-toppled two-story brick apartment. The building is located on Washington Street where it splits off into Wheatland Avenue and White River Avenue. A portion of the building fell into the street last week, prompting city officials to classify it as a hazard. The Board of Works met in special session this week and used the unsafe business ordinance to declare an emergency. The board also approved $25,000 for Mullins Supply to demolish the building. Demolition is currently on hold because the building is attached to a smaller single-story building that reportedly has a failure in it. City officials say they are working with the Knox County Health Department to have the smaller building declared unfit for human habitation. That would pave the way to having the entire property demolished. Barricades are currently set up around the area.