Knox arrest reports









-Vincennes Police served a warrant in the 1000 block of North 9th at 4:45pm yesterday.  36-year-old James D. Bryant II of Vincennes was arrested for three warrants for failure to appear.

-David Tucker, 52 was arrested by Bicknell Police last night on three failure to appear warrants.  He was jailed at 10:51-pm.

-Peter Watson, 36, was charged on a probation violation and booked in at 11:23 last night.  The arrest made by the KCSD.

-28-year-old Elizabeth Lucas was charged with theft by Vincennes Police.  She was booked in at 8:27-pm Thursday.

-Robert Collins was arrested by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department Thursday.  The 35-year-old was wanted on a probation violation.

-Brandon Bond, 27, arrested by county authorities for failure to appear.

-39-year-old Kendra Hamm arrested by Knox County Police for a probation violation.

Vincennes are mugshots