A decision on Knox County’s budget should be coming soon






Knox County Council president Bob Lechner appeared before the Department of Local Government and Finance in Indianapolis on Wednesday to discuss what county officials view as error on the part of the state in calculating Knox County’s fiscal budget.

Lechner argued that the error could cost the county 300-thousand dollars.

He believes that the DLGF is basing their findings on an arbitrary interpretation of how counties should be funded.

Lechner described Wednesday’s meeting as adversarial at times with state officials appearing unwilling to budge from their position.

State Representative Tom Washburne and State Senator Mark Messmer also appeared and lobbied on behalf of Knox County.

At least 11 other counties according to Lechner were shorted, as a result of the way the DLGF calculates counties budgets.

Lechner expects a short turnaround before the state ageny issues a ruling.