Library agrees to buy Wheatland property

The Wheatland Book Station will remain a fixture in the community.


The Knox County Library Board on Tuesday voted unanimously to acquire the property from Bill Robbins for 5-thousand dollars.

Library Director Emily Bunyan says they’ve received support from Wheatland residents who’ve indicated their willingness to staff at the book station which is located at the main entrance into town.

After some initial concerns over the cost for maintaining the property, Bunyan estimates the annual cost to be around 8-thousand dollars. She says the library is already spending 6-thousand dollars a year to staff the facility and supply it with books, plus the cost for internet service.

The library board suggested they look into the cost of installing light sensors to provide extra security around the building. The book station is currently open one day a week from 6-to-8 pm on Tuesday.

Bunyan believes its well worth the investment. She says the book station not only serves residents in Wheatland but the surrounding rural area.