Senator Donnelly proposes penalizing Indiana companies who move out

The idea comes on the heals of Carrier’s move to Mexico.




U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) offered a proposal Wednesday to prevent future loss of Hoosier and American jobs to other countries.

The proposal would reward companies that invest in the U.S. and penalize those that move jobs to countries like Mexico and China. Donnelly’s recommendations follow last February’s announcement that Carrier would move 1,400 jobs from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico.

The recommendations would do the following:

1) Prevent companies that move out of the country from writing off moving costs.

2) Force companies to pay back grants and tax breaks received at facilities that are being moved out of U.S.

3) When awarding federal contracts, evaluate whether the bidding company has pursued cheaper foreign labor at the expense of American workers in the past.

4) Offer tax breaks to companies that bring jobs back from foreign countries to low-income and rural communities in the U.S.

Donnelly also sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee requesting that the policy recommendations be included in any tax reform effort.