Two caught after trying to get away in a stolen vehicle behind the Sherrif’s Department



The driver of a stolen vehicle in Knox County was captured when the Mustang was driven into the area near the Knox County Jail.

Knox County Sheriff’s Mike Morris says detectives saw and orange Ford Mustang at Elkhorn Road at 6 last night.  The car matched the description of a car that was reported stolen earlier in the day.

Detective Aaron Morris followed the car that drove onto Memering Lane and stopped, and backed up toward the patrol car.  There was no collision when the Mustang stopped and sped off into a private field behind the Knox County Jail.  A chase ensued that ended when the Mustang crashed into and became entangled in a fence while trying to get onto US 41.

The driver and a female passenger tried to escape on foot.  They ran across 41.  They couldn’t catch a break as the Knox County Sheriff’s Department’s SWAT team was training in the area.  They assisted in capturing the suspects.  Detective Morris managed to get the female, while the male ran to a nearby pond and tried to swim across.  That’s when other deputies jumped in and caught him.

Timothy Arron Clark is charged with auto theft on the Mustang.  He was also found to be involved in the theft of a Dodge Durango earlier this week.  He’s also facing resisting charges.  Ashley Stokes is charged with resisting and was found to be wanted on a warrant.