Community Foundation helping to support Kimmell Park improvements

The Knox County Community Foundation is getting on board to help renovate Kimmell Park.

The city of Vincennes recently transferred the ownership of the park to Vincennes University.

The eight and a half acre park sits on the banks of the Wabash River, on the edge of the VU campus, along with 54 acres of woodland.

VU has established a designated non-permanent fund with the Community Foundation to support renovation of the park.

All gifts made to the fund will go towards the improvement of Kimmell Park, and will be overseen by the Foundation to insure the project’s completion.

Donations for the Kimmell Park project can be dropped off or mailed into the Community Foundation.

An anonymous donation of $360,000 has already been made to help enhance the entrance of the park.

VU has committed investing 2.4 million dollars into the renovation of Kimmell Park.