Surgery and Therapy departments team up for successful recovery

  • The Surgical Department and the Therapy Department at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital have teamed up to create a plan for successful recovery post surgery.
  • Surgery while medically necessary can be debilitating. Pain and swelling are common complications of surgical procedures which often lead to weakness and difficulty moving.
  • The therapy team at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital is ready to assist the hospitals new General Surgeon Doctor Faris A. AL-Gebory and the surgical team to resolve these mobility issues.
  • Rather than having multiple doctors or hospitalist oversight, having one provider in charge of the recovery process streamlines communication between support staff, patients and their family.
  • The therapy team works with Dr.AL-Georgy’s direct orders so the care provided to get his patients up and going does not interfere with the healing process.
  • Lawrence County Memorial Hospital holds value in a team approach to helping patients recover from surgical procedures.
  • For more information, call Lawrence County Memorial Hospital at (618) 943-1000 or click here.