New ‘Provider Wall’ brightens up LCMH

  • There are now 16 photographs hanging in the main hallway at Lawrence County Memorial Hospital of the hospital’s providers.
  • LCMH CEO Don Robbins refers to the display as “Provider’s Row.” “It’s a space dedicated to all the providers, just to let patients, family members and
    visitors know who the providers are, let them know who’s providing their care.”
  • “Most hospitals will have it somewhere within several feet of their front door, and that’s why we chose to put it here, rather than down one of the other halls where there is a little bit more space,” he said. “We needed it to be in a place where people would see it. Everybody’s going to walk by here when they’re going upstairs, or to the X-ray lab or to the cafeteria area. People will be able to see the wall, maybe stop and see who the providers are.”
  • And more will be coming to the hospital including shadowboxes near the business office dedicated to the history of health care in Lawrence County.
  • The hospital is also seeking items from the Lawrence County Historical Society and others to display on either a temporary or full-time basis.
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