Full service, certified laboratory that is close to home

  • Did you know that Lawrence County Memorial Hospital offers a full service CLIA certified laboratory, close to home.
  • LCMH even accept orders from out of town physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • A large variety of tests are completed in house and the results are sent directly to the ordering provider the same day as collection.
  • Some common tests that are completed in house are: CBC, PT/INR, Influenza, PSA, Thyroid testing, Urinalysis, Blood Glucose, Electrolytes, Strep screens and Bacterial cultures.
  • Dr Soldo states that “LCMH is dedicated to the patients of this community and even though we are a small hospital, we strive to offer top quality care to our patients”.
  • The lab is open every day from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm for outpatients. For more information, click here!