Saturation patrols net 3 Vincennes motorists

Between 9:30 Friday night and 4:30 Saturday morning, Indiana State Police conducted saturation patrols throughout the Evansville District targeting dangerous and impaired drivers. Troopers issued 11 traffic tickets, 36 warnings and arrested four impaired drivers.

Troopers in Knox County concentrated their efforts in Vincennes, Decker and the roadways between both areas. All three DUI arrests in Knox County occurred in the area of Decker.

Arrested for Driving While Intoxicated in Knox County:

  • Tyler Left, 24, Vincennes, IN       (BAC .11%)

  • William Tennis, 46, Vincennes, IN       (BAC .13%)

  • Michael Swope, 50, Vincennes, IN       (BAC 15%)

Swope was stopped on US 41 near the 45 mm for driving without headlights