Vincennes City Council Meets Monday

   The Vincennes City Council met in regular session Monday. The City Council re-organized with the naming of Duane Chattin as the new Council president. Chattin will replace Scott Brown as president. Dan Ravellette was named to replace Tim Salters as Council vice-president. The Council also re-appointed Brad Dale and Beth Meeks as their representatives for the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission. The City Council also observed a moment of silence to remember the passing of former Second District Councilman Jim Westfall. Westfall’s seat remained vacant with a black ribbon on it during the meeting. A caucus will be held next Monday to select Westfall’s successor. Stacy Breese is the only person to file to fill for his position. If Breese is affirmed by the caucus, she will be seated in Westfall’s Second District seat.