Nominations for Farm Service Agency County Committee Being Sought

   Lawrence County farmers are being encouraged to nominate candidates to represent them on the local county committee. USDA Farm Service Agency Lawrence-Wabash County Executive Director Trevor D. Irwin says nominations for county committee members will be accepted beginning today. The local committee allows producers to play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of FSA, making important decisions on programs dealing with disaster and conservation, emergencies, commodity loan price support, county office employment and other agricultural issues. The county committee consists of 11 members who meet once a month, or as needed. Members serve three-year terms. This year, nominations and elections for Lawrence-Wabash County will be held in local administrative areas LAA1, which includes townships of Petty, Bond, Christy, Bridgeport and Lawrence in Lawrence County; LAA2 which includes townships of Russell and Allison in Lawrence County; LAA3 which includes Lukin Township in Lawrence County and Lancaster, Lick Prairie, and Friendsville Townships in Wabash County; LAA4 which includes Denison Township in Lawrence County and Wabash Township in Wabash County, LAA5 which includes townships of Bellmont, Mt. Carmel, Compton, and Coffee in Wabash County. Nomination forms are available at the Lawrence-Wabash County FSA office. All nomination forms for the 2018 election must be postmarked or received in the local FSA office by August 1st.