Indiana State Trooper and Bicknell Police Officers Receive Lifesaving Award

An Indiana State Police Trooper and two Bicknell Police Officers received a “Lifesaving Award” Friday for their involvement in saving the life of a Bicknell resident in February. The three were honored during the Indiana State Police Annual Spring Awards Ceremony held at the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis. On February 8th, Master Trooper Jim Dotson was parked in his driveway in Bicknell about to end his shift when he overheard Knox County 911 dispatch a medical emergency at a local residence. Dotson immediately responded and arrived with Officers Kevin Porter and Loren Myers to find a 48-year-old man in full cardiac arrest. Porter and Myers initiated CPR while Dotson applied his issued Automated External Defibrillator. The 48-year-old man had to be shocked twice before sustaining a pulse. Knox County EMS arrived and had to shock the man two more times before arriving at Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes. Dotson followed up at the hospital and found the 48-year-old man sitting up engaging the staff in conversation.