Four School Threats in Richland County IL Since Monday

 Richland County authorities are looking into four separate school shooting threats that have been made, all since Monday.

  Richland County State’s Attorney Charles Vaughn says two juveniles have been arrested for making Monday’s threat, which was posted at Richland County High School. Both will be charged with “threat of violence, death, or bodily harm directed against persons at a school” and have their cases heard in juvenile court. Vaughn says neither suspect has a history of violence, and both made what appears to be “a poorly constructed joke.”

Vaughn says it appears three “copycat” threats have been made since then. The second threat came Tuesday, also at the high school. Police believe the suspects arrested for making Monday’s threat have been ruled out as suspects in that case. Someone found the third written school shooting threat inside a women’s restroom at the Olney Walmart on Tuesday night. A fourth written threat was left in a women’s restroom at the high school yesterday morning.

Olney and State Police are investigating and say they are taking these threats very seriously.