Cargill in Vincennes has shut down

        Cargill in Vincennes shut down it’s grain elevator a week ago.

        Knox County Development Corporation President Kent Utt told reporters the reason was due to increased competition from other companies like JFS and GPC.

                The Vincennes Sun Commercial quotes Utt as saying Cargills’ original plans were to shutter the business indefinitely, leaving it to sit empty. But just after receiving the news that the elevator would certainly close, Utt received a call from state Indiana Economic Development Corp. officials hoping to help a potential buyer looking for a 5-acre site with rail access and an existing grain elevator. Utt said the Cargill site fit those specs perfectly so he’s contacted Cargill to see they are willing to sell. Utt says he doesn’t know what will happen next.

        The grain elevator, a fixture of Knox County area agriculture, opened in the 1950’’s and was owned by Howard Wright.  It sold to Cargill in 1991.