VU continues with Kimmel Park improvement plans



Vincennes University is moving ahead with planned renovations to Kimmell Park.

Phil Rath, Vice-President of Financial Services at VU told members of the Knox County Development Corporation on Friday that contractors have completed removing trees and other debris from the park.

He says the University is awaiting word from the Department of Natural Resources on their permit to begin mitigation work along the river bank, planting of new treees and installation of bathrooms. Rath says that’s just the first phase of what’s to come.

The City of Vincennes deeded ownership of the Kimmell Park to VU earlier this year. Rath says VU is committed to investing nearly 2-point-4 million dollars in planned improvements.

He says the Army Corps of Engineers has given them the “Thumbs Up” on opening up the main entrance to the park. He says they will be submitting designs for the new gates that will provide provide a more panoramic view of the park and the Wabash River.